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Trust: Step 3 in Finding Food Freedom

When you trust yourself, anything is possible. This is where you find freedom. 

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Finding Food Freedom with the Power of Choice

The power of choice is what sets us apart as humans. It is also an essential step on your journey toward healing your relationship with food and finding food freedom. 

I’m so glad you’re still with me on this journey! Committing to your own well-being is truly an essential element of taking your life and your business to the heights you dream of. 

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Finding Food Freedom Starts With Awareness

If you don’t plant a seed, you won’t get a flower and if you don’t have a slice of bread, you won’t be able to make a sandwich. Same goes for changing your relationship with food - If you don’t start with a solid foundation of awareness, you most likely won’t get the results you desire.

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3 Simple Steps to Food Freedom

3 Simple Steps To Food Freedom

Can we all just agree that you were born for So. Much. More. than constantly thinking about food, weight, and how your clothes are going to fit today? You deserve food freedom.

OK, now that that’s agreed upon...what are we going to do about it? 

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Self-Care: More Important Now Than Ever

Anger. Frustration. Hope. Anxiety. Regret. Shame. Curiosity. Fear. Overwhelm. Optimism.

Emotions are running higher than ever and for good reason. And when emotions run high, we must have systems in place to practice self-care. 

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