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Stress and constipation blog post

Break Free From Stress-Related Constipation

Is your constipation stress-related? Stress is a common, yet less frequently talked about, cause of constipation. The goal is to treat the constipation and the stress.

When I was in college, my suite-mates put a book on the back of the toilet titled, Everybody Poops. Why? Because I was so uncomfortable talking about it. 

Now I basically talk about poop for a living šŸ™‚

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Emotions, feel your feelings, allowing unpleasant emotion

Feelings: The surprising key to feeling more joy

I was raised to be an emotional stuffer. Nobody intentionally taught me that, but the messages were (and continue to be) all around: some feelings are "good", some feelings are "bad." We should feel the "goods" ones and quickly move passed the "bad" ones.

Welp, it turns out, that in order to feel all the pleasant emotions to their fullest, we have to allow ourselves to feel the unpleasant ones as well. Our emotions are experienced in contrast, so in order to truly experience any of them, we have to experience all of them.

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