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Do’s and Don’ts for Achieving your Dreams

Let's face it: the road to achieving our dreams can feel long and hard. Many meaningful goals will take months or years to accomplish. We might find ourselves asking, "Is it worth it?" And we may consider quitting.  But the truth is, the time will pass either way - whether you are working toward your goal or not. And even if you quit, the desire will likely grow and start to nag you. This post is all about how to stick with it, even if the end point seems far away.

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Happiness and Life Satisfaction, Laura Buckley Coaching

The Truth About Life Satisfaction

Research shows that life satisfaction and happiness levels are lowest between the ages of 30 and 50. And I see it all the time. I coach many women in this age range who are struggling to find fulfillment and joy in the lives they've worked so far to create for themselves.

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Emotions, feel your feelings, allowing unpleasant emotion

Feelings: The surprising key to feeling more joy

I was raised to be an emotional stuffer. Nobody intentionally taught me that, but the messages were (and continue to be) all around: some feelings are "good", some feelings are "bad." We should feel the "goods" ones and quickly move passed the "bad" ones.

Welp, it turns out, that in order to feel all the pleasant emotions to their fullest, we have to allow ourselves to feel the unpleasant ones as well. Our emotions are experienced in contrast, so in order to truly experience any of them, we have to experience all of them.

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Control, circle of control, finding more control

Control! Simple tips to find more of it

Ever wish you had more control over what's going on in your life? Here's a little secret - we frequently have more than we realize, but we are so busy focusing on what we can't control, that we don't even notice the things that we can control. This episode is all about how to shift our focus the things that we actually do have control over so that we can feel more empowered, inspired and optimistic. 

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leaving habits behind, creating new habits

Leaving Old Habits Behind

If you have ever tried to start a new habit, but found the old habit kept calling you back, you are not alone. No matter how excited, motivated, or committed we feel to making a change, sticking with it will always be a challenge. 

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