3 Simple Steps to Food Freedom

3 Simple Steps To Food Freedom

Can we all just agree that you were born for So. Much. More. than constantly thinking about food, weight, and how your clothes are going to fit today? You deserve food freedom.

OK, now that that’s agreed upon...what are we going to do about it? 

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Self-Care: More Important Now Than Ever

Anger. Frustration. Hope. Anxiety. Regret. Shame. Curiosity. Fear. Overwhelm. Optimism.

Emotions are running higher than ever and for good reason. And when emotions run high, we must have systems in place to practice self-care. 

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Demonstrate a slump

When The Slump Hits

It's a different time. We are facing many unknowns and high levels of uncertainty. We are experiencing changes we've never seen before and there is no way to know how long this will all last. Even if you are generally doing well with all of it, it is completely normal, even expected, to face slumps - periods of doubt and low morale. 

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Emotional Eating In A Nutshell

What does emotional eating really mean? Why does emotional eating matter? And what can you do to stop it?

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Beware The All Or Nothing Mindset

'Tis the season to set big goals, create a vision for our future, and commit to reinventing ourselves. The beginning of the year (and the decade!) sends us a signal to reset, restart, and finally make progress toward our life goals. Just beware the all or nothing mindset!

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