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Avoid the Afternoon Energy Dip

The afternoon energy dip is very common, but it doesn’t have to be inevitable. Understand 3 common causes of the afternoon energy dip and ways to avoid it.

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Stress and constipation blog post

Break Free From Stress-Related Constipation

Is your constipation stress-related? Stress is a common, yet less frequently talked about, cause of constipation. The goal is to treat the constipation and the stress.

When I was in college, my suite-mates put a book on the back of the toilet titled, Everybody Poops. Why? Because I was so uncomfortable talking about it. 

Now I basically talk about poop for a living 🙂

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15 Tips to Boost Energy Fast

Looking for ways to boost your energy fast? In this post, I share 15 tips for boosting your energy in 5 minutes or less. 

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The Key to Making Healthy Habits Stick: Focus on Energy!

The key to making healthy habits stick is to focus on your energy. If you’ve ever struggled to stick with healthy habits, this one’s for you. I’ll show you how to create the energy you need to adopt healthy habits that stick.

We hear all the time that we need to create certain habits as part of a “lifestyle” (I swear, lifestyle has become another term for diet).

But here’s the thing we don’t hear (maybe because it seems a little elusive; or maybe because it would actually take some of the glory away from the diet industry): creating healthy habits that stick takes energy. 

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The “C” Words of Diet Culture

Diet culture - I see you. You are embedded in our language and that language gives you away every. single. time.  Let's take a look at some of the words that indicate diet culture.

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